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Harmonizing Relations Between Landlords And Tenants

Property owners and renters have different goals from a lease agreement. While property owners typically seek to protect their investment, renters balance their own financial and personal needs. Sometimes, this means that each party’s goals may conflict one another.

Landlords and tenants in Houston often turn to Law Office of Rick J. Miller, PLLC, for skilled counsel. As your lawyer, Mr. Miller will work to find a way to move forward in a positive manner. Instead of fighting harder, he helps landlords and tenants collaborate successfully.

Lease Or Rent Property With Clear Legal Guidance

Serving both property owners and tenants, Mr. Miller can assist you with rental issues such as:

  • Lease agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Repair and maintenance responsibilities
  • Prevention of potentially discriminatory rental policies
  • Sublease arrangements
  • Rent increases or additional fees
  • Payment problems
  • Lease termination and evictions

Texas – and especially the Houston area – has unique laws for leasing property. Mr. Miller understands the responsibilities that apply to renters and landlords. He has advised apartment complex owners, property management companies and individual homeowners throughout the metro area for a variety of real estate matters.

Although landlord-tenant disputes frequently become adversarial, Mr. Miller focuses on resolving them as peacefully and professionally as possible. He listens to each party to help find the most effective solution for his client.

Contact A Trusted Landlord-Tenant Law Attorney

Mr. Miller can synthesize the terms of your lease agreement with federal, state and local laws to bring you comprehensive insight. Whether you own or rent a property, you can trust that he cares about your interests. For a consultation, call 281-990-4910 or email his office today.