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Homeowners association law is often contentious. The Law Office of Rick J. Miller, PLLC, takes a different approach by trying to defuse the adversarial basis of disputes with clear communication to get to the heart of the problem and find a genuine resolution.

Serving the Houston Area since 2006

Serving the Houston Area since 2006

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Homeowners associations (HOA) are a complex relationship. When people live together, there are always challenges. Disputes that escalate between parties rarely lead to optimal outcomes.

The Law Office of Rick J. Miller, PLLC takes an innovative approach to HOA law. The strategy is to turn traditionally adversarial relationships between homeowners and their associations into a cooperative problem-solving venture by giving the personal care and attention necessary to each and every party.

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Communication Is Key

Many disputes with HOAs arise from a lack of communication. No two problems are ever alike, and in order to successfully resolve any problem, you must find the heart of it. The firm takes the time to get to know the parties involved and work to find the right solution for everyone.

With more than a decade of experience dealing with HOAs and their owners, the firm works for consistency and fair treatment of all in accordance with the governing documents of each HOA.

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Working With
Associations And Individuals

While the corporations (homeowners associations, or HOAs) are the firm’s primary focus, in many cases, their goals can be more successfully achieved through cooperative dealings with individual owners.

Attorney Rick J. Miller takes the time necessary to fully understand the vision and path forward of each board of directors and mesh that with the individual needs of each owner within their respective communities.

By understanding each of these needs, the firm is able to tailor a resolution that is mutually beneficial to all parties and always in the corporation’s best interest.

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